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to professor Michael Otto’s world of single-flowered dahlias.

Although he was a professor for control technology, his hobby were dahlias. In a time when single-flowered dahlias were not of much interest, they had been his passion until he died in 2017. Today, his legacy can be seen at the Dahliengarten am Stechlinsee.
Nowadays they are getting more and more important as single-flowered dahlias are especially friendly for endangered insects like bees and butterflies.

Between 1950 and 2017 professor Otto had bred more than 100 dahlia varieties mostly with the help of insects. He selected the best seedlings and cultivated them to become a variety.
Numerous of them have won medals on garden shows and in the German national dahlia verifications.
Approximately more than 50 varieties have survived, yet only a few can be bought at nurseries that are listed under delivery nurseries.

When you are interested in one of the other varieties, please write an e-mail to or visit our shop.

This homepage gives you an overview of Mr Otto’s creations under Otto's varieties and how to cultivate dahlias.
As there is a lot of information on the internet about this topic in English there is no translation available.

Information about where you can see the dahlias is always given under news and dates.

Sorte Nordlicht